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Shirataki Noodles & Vegi's

95 calories/6 grams protein per serving

8 oz package of shirataki noodles 40 calories 2 protein
1/2 cup tomato sauce 20 calories .8 protein
1/2 cup broccoli chopped 10 calories 1.1 protein
1 cup cauliflower chopped 25 calories 2 protein

1) Rinse noodles well, then boil as per package directions.
2) Mix noodles in a pan with tomato sauce. Heat until warm.
3) Steam vegi's very lightly, then add them in the sauce.
3) Add garlic to season or hot sauce if you like!!

Optional This is a very low low calorie snack or meal with protein, fiber and calcium. You can put in or take out vegis for more variety.